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KiritoxKyo 50stories theme #17, depression, "to overcome a fight"

Title: To overcome a fight
Author: Azamir
Pairing: KiritoxKyo
Theme: #17 depression
Rating: PG 12
Coments: It took me a fucking lot of time to write this. I had the basic plotline finished for two or three months now, but I didn't find ways to make it all work. and the end became totally uber-fluffy. sorry. I hope anyone is even still reading this, and I apologize for the total ooc-ness of all the dir en grey-characters. if anyone of you knows a good fanpage, please tell me! google is a bitch... u.u
and this part is again dedicated to my lovely Shati-chan (visual_freak), Mucc were awesome last saturday!, I finally got my ass up to finish this, and it really ended up with 10 pages in word!
Summary: After their fight, Kyo and Kirito won't talk to each other and annoy the shit out of all their friends. will they manage to overcome the fight?

(follow the fake cut!)
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Intro + Fic

Yo~ My name is Miko Suzahiru! I'm glad azamir told me about this community. Maybe I can help a little. If someone has a promo banner or wants me to make one for this place, please give me one and I'll affliate it with my communities, jrock_love2 & plumbobstandard.


Title: Demented Carrot
Author: nelly_d
Chapter: one-shot
Pairings: Kirito x Kyo
Character(s): Kaoru & Kohta
Band: Pierrot & Dir en grey
Rating: R (yaoi lemons & slight violence)
Summary: How did two vocalist who despise each other become lovers?
Comment: This is to make up for the incompleteness of "Vocals2Vocals" fic. I like this one better anyway. ^^ GO CARROT!!! Dedicated to the Almighty Shindo~ness [boai]

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another fic by Azamir! Coming home to rage

Title: Coming home to rage
Author: Azamir
Rating: PG-13 for language
Pairing: KiritoxKyo
Disclaimer: None of the mentioned persons belong to me, they belong to themselves. slavery is forbidden anyways!
Comments: I'll just continue posting stuff here, in hope of reviving the comm. I think the member count jumped one person since I last checked... so there's still hope!!!!
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Out in the rain [fic post!]

So, even though nobody commented on the other fic, I'll try again^^ this comm NEEDS the activity BADLY!!!

Title: Out in the rain
Author: Azamir
Rating: G
Disclaimer: They belong to themselves, I don't make any money with this, dun kill me I love my life at the moment^^
Comments: I'll take up the topic of this story again in later stories for 50stories, like I will with the topic of Family Ties. Maybe someone is still looking at this comm, it would be so nice to have some rections^^

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fic post! "Family ties"

So, this comm needs some action. I signed up at 50stories for the KiritoxKyo pairing, and until now I have written two stories. I thought that maybe I should post them here, as this comm just needs the fanfiction^^

Title: Family ties
Author: Azamir
Warnings: none
Rating: G
Comments: This was the first fic I wrote for this pairing EVER. actualy the first ff i ever put online^^ I hope you like it, And over time I'll write 50 of these short ones at least, becuase that's what's the point of the 50stories comm^^

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Comments and criticism greatly aprecciated^^
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