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Out in the rain [fic post!]

So, even though nobody commented on the other fic, I'll try again^^ this comm NEEDS the activity BADLY!!!

Title: Out in the rain
Author: Azamir
Rating: G
Disclaimer: They belong to themselves, I don't make any money with this, dun kill me I love my life at the moment^^
Comments: I'll take up the topic of this story again in later stories for 50stories, like I will with the topic of Family Ties. Maybe someone is still looking at this comm, it would be so nice to have some rections^^

Out in the rain

„You’re always at work, you come home later than you promised and you never manage to have days off when I have them, even though I tell you as soon as I know! Do you even still want to spend time with me?!”

They stood in the middle of Kirito’s living room, Kirito was pacing in front of his table, where his laptop stood and the screen was still showing some lyrics he’d been working on. Kyo stood near the door that led to the hall, and he stared angrily at his lover. Kirito stared back with a somewhat jaded expression on his face.

“Kyo, you know that I want to spend time with you! But work is important to me! I want to do this solo career and I want to do it good! It was always my dream to make the music I want! Of course I could do that with Pierrot, but this solo career gives me so much more possibility to do this! You must understand this, you did you solo career as well!”

“But I never started to over-promote myself! I never tried to sell as much as possible by running from one magazine interview to the next! And I never abandoned my friends because of my career! Why do you do that? Is it the money? Do you want to earn more money than you already do?”

Kyo had become louder with every word. In the end he was shouting at Kirito, who finally lost his patience and snapped back.

“KYO! You’re talking crap! I’m not in it for the money, how dare you say that! I have more than enough money! I just want to reach many people, and my label wants me to go to these interviews. And if the stuff doesn’t sell my solo project will be dead before it even started properly! Please, I will sped more time with you, but you must understand this! It’s important for me, can’t you support me?”

“No, I don’t want to support you when you’re just chasing money! And if you love the money more than me, we can just end this whole relationship right here! I always though I really meant something to you, but obviously this is not the case. You don’t want to be with me, fine! I’ll go, so I don’t distract you from moneymaking any longer!”

And with that he stormed out of the room, put on his shoes and was out of the door. Kirito looked after him in shock. What the hell had just happened?

He sat down on the couch and looked at his laptop. The lyrics were still there, but he had lost all the drive to work on them. He grabbed his pack of cigarettes that lay next to the laptop, and reached for the ashtray that was at the other end of the table. He lighted one of the sticks and breathed in the smoke. He needed the nicotine to soothe him.

He looked out of the window. It rained, heavily. And Kyo had run out without a jacket.

Kirito stood up. He had to go after Kyo. He DID want to spend time with Kyo… He loved the younger man. And if it meant to cut back on his career to keep his lover, he would do so. It couldn’t end because of this.

He quickly got up, extinguished the cigarette in the ashtray and grabbed a jacket, his shoes and an umbrella. In no time he was out of the building, but Kyo was not to be seen. He put the hood of his jacket over his head to shield him from the rain, and then he chose a random direction. He ran fast, looking all around him for a trace of his lover. There were only few people out here, Kirito didn’t live in the center of Tokyo anyways, and with this rain most of the people stayed inside.

Soon his feet carried him to the next subway station, but if Kyo really had intended to go by subway, he would already be away. So Kirito changed his direction and ran towards the nearby park. Maybe Kyo was still somewhere around.

The park was nearly deserted, who would want to go to a park in heavy rain anyways? Kirito wandered aimlessly through the park for some time, until a slumped figure on a bench caught his attention. When he came closer, his suspicions were confirmed. Kyo sat there, soaked to the bone, shoulders hanging and gaze fixed on the ground.

Kirito took out the umbrella he had grabbed in his apartment and opened it to hold it over Kyo. Kyo looked up surprised, and Kirito sat down next to him on the bench.

“Kyo. I… apologize. It’s just… I’ve really dreamt about doing this solo stuff for quite some time, and now I can finally do it… but I never wanted this to ruin my relationship with you. I thought you would just let me be, I took you for granted. I’m sorry. I will try to have more time for you. Please, don’t think I don’t love you anymore. Because I DO love you.”

“Kirito. I know this thing means much to you, but sometimes I have the feeling that you just forget to live. And I worry about you. And I don’t want you to TRY to get more free time. Do it, or let it be. But if you continue like this, I don’t think I will be able to stay with you.”

“Kyo.” “Kirito’s voice showed fear, for the first time this day. “Please! I will have more time for you! I promise! But don’t leave me! Please!”

Kyo turned his head towards Kirito, a smile on his face.
“Baka. Do you really think I could leave you? I love you too much to do that, and you should know that.”

He leaned over for a short kiss, only a short touch of their lips.

“Now, let’s go home. I need to get out of these clothes. Was really stupid of me to just run out without a jacket or umbrella. I don’t want to catch a cold, Kaoru wouldn’t be happy about that at all.”

He sneezed.

“Fuck. Too late. Kaoru will be annoying me the whole time until I can sing again, and Die will laugh at how stupid I am to run out in this weather without a jacket. But at least you came to your mind again!”

Kirito quickly slipped out of his jacket and hung it over Kyo’s shoulders. “There, so it doesn’t get worse until we’re at home. And I’ll take care of you if you really get sick. I’ll take all the blame in front of Kaoru, he can bitch at me, it was my fault anyways.” He gave Kyo a short kiss. “Now let’s go, it’s cold out here.”
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