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another fic by Azamir! Coming home to rage

Title: Coming home to rage
Author: Azamir
Rating: PG-13 for language
Pairing: KiritoxKyo
Disclaimer: None of the mentioned persons belong to me, they belong to themselves. slavery is forbidden anyways!
Comments: I'll just continue posting stuff here, in hope of reviving the comm. I think the member count jumped one person since I last checked... so there's still hope!!!!

Coming home to rage

Kyo stepped into Kirito’s appartment exhaustedly. It was late in the evening, Dir en Grey had been practicing and planning for their next tour all day. Picking songs they would play, discussing themes and everything, it was not easy to take everybody’s opinion into consideration.
Now the vocalist was tired and wanted to spend some quality time with his lover.

Slipping out of his shoes and into a pair of warm socks he made his way towards the livingroom. His bag had already been thrown into the corner of the hall, he’d unpack it later, or maybe not at all, he needed all the stuff tomorrow again anyways.

When he was in front of the door, he already heard Kirito’s voice from the inside. As he only could make out Kirito’s voice, and no other, he presumed that his lover was talking on the phone.

As not to disturb the older man’s conversation, he entered quietly, he wanted to surprise his lover with his presence, as Kirito had obviously not yet taken any notice of it. Kirito never knew when Kyo would come home, so Kyo could always surprise the other vocalist, and Kirito also reacted so funny when surprised.

But when he, more involuntarily than not, overheard Kirito’s phonecall, his mood changed in a second.

“Yes, Okaasan. Yes, the tickets are booked, as is the hotel. Yes. Yes. Oh no, don’t ask about my girlfriend again. I told you, it’s not yet the time that I present her to you. And I absolutely don’t want to talk about her now. Look, she could be here any second, and I still want to preare some dinner, so could we just end this conversation now? No, MUM! And don’t try phoning my appartment all day in hopes of getting her on the phone, because she’s working. And she has her own appartment. Yes. Say hello to Tousan for me, will you? Yes. Goodbye!”

While Kirito was still shutting off the phone with a sigh, Kyo’s icy voice cut through the silence in the appartment.

“Oh, so now I’m your girlfriend. Nice news.”

Kirito shot around, a shocked expression on his face. He hadn’t heard Kyo entering, and he had never intended for Kyo to hear the chat with his mother. This situation was just proof for it. His lover should never have heard that.

“Kyo… listen… please… I…”

“Oh, listen? I think I heard enough. You lie that easily to your mother, and it sounded like you have her convinced that you’ve got a girlfriend for quite some time now. So tell me, do you lie like that to everyone around you? How am I supposed to tell the difference if you say something honestly and if you lie to me?”

“Kyo, stop it! You know I wouldn’t lie to you! I just don’t want to lose my family, and I don’t think my mum would take it well if I suddenly told her that alle the girlfriends I told her about previously were actually guys? Please, you must understand this!”

“Oh, I must? Don’t tell me what I must and mustn’t! I always thought you were honest! But if you lie like that, who tells me you don’t have another boyfriend, you can lie easily enough to hide it!
And I thought we had agreed on you finally telling your family about your sexual orientaton some time ago! You told me that with me you had enough courage to do it! Was that another lie??!!”

Kyo was hurt. Not only had Kirito lied about their relationship, he had just simply destroyed all the trust Kyo had had in his lover. Kyo was not sure if anythign that Kirito had ever told him could not just be a lie… When Kyo lied that easily to his mother… The woman who had known him the longest possible.

“I will tell my family! Just not now! I planned that vacation to Guam with my parents, and I don’t want to ruin that beforehand! Afterwards, I can tell them! But I don’t want to be so close to them when they just wish me dead for disappointing them in every aspect! My father will be mad, like he was when I chose to move out! Even worse! I have a good relationship with them, I just don’t want to destroy that!”

“Oh, you don’t want to tell them now, but later? And later you still don’t want to tell them, I guess? You’ll say later again! How should I even know if you even intended to tell them? As you can lie so well!”

“You just don’t understand! You never really had a good relationship with your family, so you don’t know how much I would risk by telling them! You haven’t spoken much to your family in almost 20 years! You have no idea!”

Kirito was slowly talking in rage. He loved his family, and he loved Kyo, but other than lying to his parents he saw no possibility of keeping both.

“I HAVE NO IDEA? So that’s what you think??? That I just don’t know what I’m talking about? I can definitely tell you, it hurts not to have a family I can turn to! YOU’RE the one who doesn’t have an idea! You don’t know what it’s like to be all lonely, for most of your life!”

Kyo’s eyes widened in shock when suddenly Kirito grabbed a stack of books from a shelf and threw them to the floor. And just afterwards Kyo could only watch in shock as the couchtable was thrown over. Kirito was totally freaked out!

“Don’t tell me about your OH-SO-SAD life story again! I’m so sick of it! You can whine about that all you want in your songs, but don’t tell me for the zillionth time! Just get out of here! Go away!”

Kirito was screaming at the top of his lungs, all the while throwing more books from the shelves to the floor. Kyo Didn’t even want to stay any longer. With a silent “Fuck you. Liar!” he exited the room and grabbed his stuff, and in no time he was out of the appartment.

All the way to the subway station he was quietly brooding, re-lliving each moment of their argument. In the subway, on his way home he just couldn’t get rid of the hurting words Kirito had shouted at him.

When he finally arrived at his own appartment, he was dead tired. Only then he realized how stupid they both had been, saying stupid things in their rage. So, in the end he cried himself to sleep. It hurt too much, to loose his lover because of something like that.
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