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Yo~ My name is Miko Suzahiru! I'm glad azamir told me about this community. Maybe I can help a little. If someone has a promo banner or wants me to make one for this place, please give me one and I'll affliate it with my communities, jrock_love2 & plumbobstandard.


Title: Demented Carrot
Author: nelly_d
Chapter: one-shot
Pairings: Kirito x Kyo
Character(s): Kaoru & Kohta
Band: Pierrot & Dir en grey
Rating: R (yaoi lemons & slight violence)
Summary: How did two vocalist who despise each other become lovers?
Comment: This is to make up for the incompleteness of "Vocals2Vocals" fic. I like this one better anyway. ^^ GO CARROT!!! Dedicated to the Almighty Shindo~ness [boai]

He opened his eyes and looked around his surroundings. He noticed the tinted gray sheets and a few random red stains. He turned his head and groaned in pain. He decided not to move, just move his eyes around.

The closet door was open and the sheets were wrapped around his sore body. He wondered why he was s o sore and where he was at.

Mumbling at the man’s side, another man shifted in the bed and adjusted his arm around the lost man’s waist.

‘What the hell is going on? Where am I?’ he thought.

He looked over to his left and saw the owner of the wrapped arm. He examined his sharp features and his slender, yet fit, pale body. The only part exposed was his shoulders, part of his chest, and his long arm.

He noticed the other’s long black and honey blonde hair partially plastered to his flush face. His lips pursed slightly and his serious expression made him feel a bit excited.

“Kyo…” the other man said, sleepily.

“Hai,” he responded a bit hesitant.

“Did you sleep okay?”

“…hai, my neck is a little sore.”

“Gomen ni.”

Kyo nodded carefully and tried to pull away from the other man’s hold, but pain immediately hit him all over his body causing him to groan loudly. The stranger grabbed Kyo’s arm and told him, “Take it easy. Just lay back and whatever you need I’ll get it for you.”

“O…kay,” he replied, following the man’s instructions. He turned to look at him again and asked, “Who…who are you?”

The pale man opened his eyes and looked at him, answering, “Kirito desu.”

Kyo nodded a bit, trying not to awaken the pain in his neck, and closed his eyes thinking of the other’s name. For some reason, it echoed throughout his mind until the name wasn’t said anymore, it became a low moan.

His thoughts were interrupted once Kirito asked, “Did I hurt you too much?”

Kyo looked over at him with a confuse expression.
“You forgot what happened?’

He bit his lip, feeling bad that he couldn’t remember anything that happened between him and the other man. He stared into his dark brown eyes and continued to keep his silence. He didn’t want to hurt his feelings for what he assumed happened, but couldn’t remember any details whatsoever.

Kirito felt up Kyo’s side with two fingers gently as he leaned in and kissed him. Kyo’s lips parted after a while and soon the other would enter his mouth. He felt around touching the smaller man’s tongue and heard the familiar moan go through him from his mouth.

The vocalist pulled the other closely as the passion grew between their lips. Kyo relaxed as he slowly recognized the man’s touches and teases. He pulled away slightly and whispered, “Kirito.”

Kirito touched the other’s face and asked, “You remember?”

“A little,” the blonde man answered. He looked down and tried to think of what exactly happened in detail. The dark haired vocalist lifted Kyo’s head up gently and stared into his gold tinted eyes.

Kyo hid his eyes by closing them and leaned forward, cautiously pressing his lips on the other. He wanted to remember what happened last night and it seemed that his memory came back to him when their lips came in contact. What could’ve caused him pain?

He groaned softly into the kiss as flashbacks of sexual abuse came to his mind. His face expressing the most desirable pain, his nails cutting his partner’s pale skin, his breathing cut short by the other’s firm grip, and his lower body being continually beaten over and over from the inside.

Kyo paused the movement of his lips once he mentally heard the painful screaming and crying of Kirito’s name echo throughout his brain. His eyes widen a bit and the other man moved his lips away.

His eyes widen and Kirito raised an eyebrow, asking, “Are you alright, Kyo?”

He nodded and replied simply with, “Hai. Just trying to remember what happened.”

Kirito gave him a half smile as he sat up. “I’m going to take a shower. You’ll be okay by yourself, right?”

“Of course, I’ll be okay. I’m not a little boy or something.”

The other nodded reassuringly, got up from the bed, and went toward the bathroom. Kyo followed him with his eyes and settled down on the bed, going back to a flashback of the two of them together.


It was hard for Kyo to believe that him and Kirito would be sleeping in the same bed, considering they were rivals.

The memory before the lust seemed vague to the blonde, but he knew it had to be violent and bloody. The location was blurry and all he could somewhat see was group of people, who he assumed were their bandmates, and his rival, Kirito.

Sweat dripped down their faces as they glared at each other intensely and heavily breathed. Kaoru and Kohta walked behind their vocalists and tried to call the whole fight off.

Kyo shook his head, he was determined to win this battle once and for all. Kirito’s fist tightened as he examined the shorter man.

Suddenly, the blonde man yelled and charged toward the other, in an attempt to tackle him. Kirito grabbed his rival’s shoulders, preventing him from falling backwards. He turned him around, putting him in a headlock.

Their bandmates pleaded behind them, hoping they would listen. Kirito’s expression stayed somewhat emotionless as the blonde grunted and cursed. He began walking backward into another room while dragging his enemy with him. Kyo kicked frantically, trying to break free, but instead closed the heavy steel door shut.

“Get the fuck off me!” Kyo growled.

The taller man gave a slight smirk as he pulled out a pocket knife and placed it carefully on the other’s throat. His rival immediately paused his movements once he felt the cold blade on his skin.

Catching his breath, he said, “If you’re going to kill me…kill me.”

The dark haired vocalist simply stared down at him as he gripped the handle tighter. Kyo became frustrated and grunted a bit as the sweat continued to fall down his flushed face.

Kirito lifted Kyo’s chin higher with his leather gloved hand and added a little more pressure to his flesh. The blonde shivered slightly, trying not to show any fear. He closed his eyes as the other pulled him closer.

Suddenly, his nemesis neared his nervous face and gently pressed his lips down on the other. Kirito’s grip loosened as his kiss deepened. His tongue snuck in the other’s mouth and pushed against the other’s tongue.

Kyo gasped in surprise at the unusual action. He expected to be in pain and bleeding. Kirito was in the right position to take over him, but it seemed like he chose a different path.

He pulled away from the shorter man and removed the sharp edge from his skin. Then, he stepped back, closed his pocket knife, and put it back in his pants.

Kyo slowly opened his eyes and looked at his rival. “What the hell was that?” he asked, blinking cluelessly.

“You act like you’ve never been kissed before,” the other teased a little.

“Not by a guy.”

Kirito looked away slightly and the memory became fuzzy in the blonde’s mind.


He cursed to himself while the shower was running in the background. He couldn’t remember how he got here and slowly he didn’t regret it as much as his vision came back into play.

The bedroom door slammed as Kirito lightly tossed the shorter man onto the bed.

“You fucking bastard! What the hell is your problem?” Kyo yelled as the other locked the wooden door.

“Shut up! You complain too damn much,” Kirito groaned.

“Don’t tell me to shut up!”

“I can tell you whatever the hell I want.”

“No, you can’t! I’m my own person.”

Kirito walked toward him and slapped him. Kyo’s head turned and he gave a low growl, glaring at him intensely. He immediately pounced on the other, reaching for his neck. Kirito grabbed his shoulders, stepping back slightly, and tackled him down on the bed.

Kyo squirmed underneath the vocalist as he pinned him down. He reached over and began tying the other’s wrist to the bedposts. He growled again and moved around, trying to break free.

The taller man slapped him again. He hissed in response, looking up at his rival. He pulled out his knife, opened it, and gently placed the blade on the light blue material of Kyo’s shirt. He slowly slid it down, watching the fabric separate and listening to the quiet tearing noise it made.

“What the fuck are you doing?” Kyo asked, slightly frightened as he laid still.

He pulled apart the two sides of Kyo’s shirt and felt up his body to his face. Kirito pulled his gloves off, tossed them to the side, and quickly gripped the nervous vocalist’s chin. He turned his head, examining every angle of his face.

He lifted the knife and poked the other softly with the tip. Kyo swallowed in his fear as the blade slid down his neck and finally slitting his skin once it reached his chest.

Kyo groaned, naturally leaning into the sharp edge. The other smirked slightly, making his grip tighter. He sat the bloody object on the nightstand and moved his other hand down to Kyo’s neck, choking him a little. Kirito roughly scratched the cut while the other hissed at the pain.

“Fuck, Kirito~” he groaned as the other’s fingers wrapped firmly around his throat. He tightened his hold, enjoying the sound of the smaller man’s gagging and groaning.

Kyo’s eyes widen, staring at the man’s emotionless face. His oxygen decreased, suddenly as the other’s nails dug deeper into his flesh.

Kirito simply stared at his painful façade, extending the cut further down his body with his nails. The man below him growled in pain and he tightened the grip around his neck.

The blonde gasped for air as the other looked down at him with a growing smirk. Kyo’s eyes began to open more and water, silently pleading to be free. His face started to change colors as Kirito increased the strength in his hand.

Finally, he let go and listened to the smaller man attempt to catch his breath. Breathing heavily, Kirito proceeded to unfasten the other’s pants. He began pulling them down, along with his underwear without the other man noticing.

Then, he felt the cool air on his bare skin as a weight lifted off his body. Kyo regained his normal breathing pattern and watched his rival strip.

With a raised eyebrow, he asked, “What the hell are you doing?”

Kirito stayed silently as he let the last article of clothing drop to the floor. He walked around the room and opened the top drawer of his dresser. He pulled out some lube, approached the helpless vocalist, and began spreading the substance over the other’s length. Then, he coated his fingers and put it on his entrance.

Kyo groaned and squirmed as the vocalist opened his entrance more. His noise grew louder while more fingers were added. Then, he pulled his hand away, lifted himself up, and quickly inserted himself inside the other, screaming. Kirito immediately began moving in and out of him.

Kyo bit his lip, trying to hold in his moans of pleasure and slight pain. He started bucking up on the other and attempted to get his rival off of him. The movement didn’t help, it only encouraged the taller man to move faster.

The blonde grunted and pulled at the restraints. He squirmed more and Kirito thrusted harder. He scratched at the other’s cut, closed his eyes, and tossed his head back.

Pushing harder and harder, Kyo’s head shifted closer to the headboard and his hands started to become numb from the lack of circulation. He gave a deep sigh once pleasure hit his mind and rolled his hips on his nemesis.

Kirito bit his lip, leaned down, and softly kissed his rival, continuing to ride his body. The bottom vocalist let out a soft moan, giving into the kiss. Their tongues tangled and twisted as they kept their steady rhythm.

Suddenly, Kyo bucked up a couple times and moaned loudly with the other’s unusual groan as they release their seed at the same time.

Kirito held onto the short man’s shoulders, feeling a bit weak. He reached over and freed his wrist. Kyo’s arms collapsed and he slowly put them around his rivals neck.

“I hate you,” Kyo growled.

“I hate you too,” Kirito replied with a smirk.

The blonde vocalist leaned up and deeply kissed his enemy. The other turned on their sides and placed his hand on Kyo’s waist, keeping their lips together. The taller man pulled him closer massaging his tongue with a soft grunt.

Kyo moaned and dug his nails deep into the other’s pale skin. He groaned in response while deepening the kiss.


He felt up his torso, his fingers carefully running over his cut. It wasn’t bleeding anymore, but it was still sore. Luckily, it was starting to close up.

Kirito walked out the bathroom and stared at the man who occupied his bed.

“Kirito,” he said softly, “I remember.”


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