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fic post! "Family ties"

So, this comm needs some action. I signed up at 50stories for the KiritoxKyo pairing, and until now I have written two stories. I thought that maybe I should post them here, as this comm just needs the fanfiction^^

Title: Family ties
Author: Azamir
Warnings: none
Rating: G
Comments: This was the first fic I wrote for this pairing EVER. actualy the first ff i ever put online^^ I hope you like it, And over time I'll write 50 of these short ones at least, becuase that's what's the point of the 50stories comm^^

Family ties

„Hai. Hai. Hai! Okaasan, I’ll do it! Please, Kaasan, will you just trust me for once? I won’t leave you alone in this! I just have to get ready for practice now, but this evening, right after practice I’ll look for tickets on the internet! I promise!”

Kyo looked over to his lover from the bed. Kirito had been awakened some half hour ago by the ringing phone, with his mother on the line. Kyo had still been asleep, but the missing presence of his lover by his side had slowly coaxed him into wakefulness.

When he had been awake enough to notice what was going on, he had found his lover eagerly discussing with his mother. He didn’t really understand the topic, but at some point he had heard “Guam” and “plane tickets” so he could guess that It had something to do with travelling.

Kirito set the phone down with a sigh. Then he looked over to Kyo. “What’s so amusing?”

“Oh, I was just thinking that maybe now I can guess why you’re always so annoying when you want to get something. I think you must’ve inherited that from your mother.”

Kirito scowled. “So you think I’m annoying? I’ll tell you who’s annoying!”

And with that he sauntered over to the bed and jumped on top of Kyo.

“Hey! I was just joking! But really, you seem to get along with your family quite well, don’t you? I mean, it’s obvious that you get along well with Kohta, otherwise you would never have taken him into the band, but also your parents… you talk to them often. And you visit them every few months.”

“Yes… I do get along quite well with my parents… I mean, I owe them a lot… at first they were very sceptical about me going into music… but later they supported me very much. I’m very grateful for that.
Although sometimes being so close to my family is also difficult. My mother can be very nosy about my private life… She’s still hoping for me to find a girlfriend and get married and have children. But I don’t think that’ll happen, because now I have you.”

He placed a short kiss on Kyo’s lips.

Kyo smiled faintly, but then he averted his gaze and looked out of the window.

“I don’t get along well with my family. They never got over me just leaving after middle school. But I couldn’t stand it any longer at home…
I broke off all contact, and nobody tried to contact me in turn… Only some time ago I have found the strength in me to speak to my family again, but it’s all very awkward. They don’t approve of me having tatoos, or being a rock musician, much less being gay. So we only talk on new year on the phone. I sometimes meet my sister, as she’s living here in Tokyo as well, but otherwise… I don’t think they even want to talk to me.”

Kirito had lain down next to Kyo during his little speech. Now he stroke over Kyo’s flat belly beneath the sheets.

“Uh… I can’t really tell you that I know how you feel… But I have to confess that I never had the vim to tell my parents that I’m homosexual. I don’t know if that would maybe ruin my good relationship to them… Kohta knows, as he was often present when I hooked up with some guy for the night… but he never said anything.
I just don’t want to lose my family… and up until now I never had anything serious with anyone… It was usually just a one-night-stand, a few times It lasted a little longer, but never longer that two months.”

“So I’m your first long-term relationship? I’m honoured.”

Kyo sounded a little sarcastic.

“I’m not proud of never being able to stay in a relationship very long… My longest relationship broke because my boyfriend at the time wanted me to introduce him to my parents and I refused. He then said that I didn’t really love him and left.
It was difficult for me then… I liked him, but it was not real love, I think. But he also made me think about it more. And I realised that I just feared losing my family.”

“Shinya… Do you think you love me? Enough to tell your parents?”

Kirito didn’t answer. He just kept on stroking Kyo’s belly, staring at the ceiling of his bedroom.

They lay like that for some time, Kyo knew that Kirito was thinking hard. It definitely was a hard decision for the older man… In a way Kyo forced him to choose between a family and a love relationship.

Finally Kirito turned his gaze back to his lover. He looked into Kyo’s eyes, while whispering:

“Yes, I love you, enough to tell them if it’s that what you wish for. And even if they reject me after this, I would still be happy with you. Because I know that with you, I could form my own family.”

Comments and criticism greatly aprecciated^^
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